Scanning Photos for Photo Ceramics

Jordan Armstrong
June 8, 2017
Photo Ceramic image prior to processing


Scanning for photo ceramics starts with selecting a good clear portrait for reproduction — quality inputs makes for quality outputs. Photocopies and low quality printouts are to be avoided. It's best to advise your customers of the requirements for making a good scan before the begin looking for their selection.

When you are receiving photo, please use our questionnaire form to indicate any edits that your customer would like to have made to the final portrait. This should include positioning, cropping, and retouching and long with any specific notes per the customers requirements.

Other additions such has background replacement, dressing replacement, gold bordering and bronze frames are useful to establish from the beginning as well. If you would like our frame options sheet or background replacement options sheet please contact our customer service team.


Scanning can be run for a variety of purposes. It's important that the scanning that you make is set for photo quality reproductions.

When you're ready to scan, focus on getting the area which will be on the Photo Ceramic (the face, bust, the couple) and some space around for the background and cropping.

Scanner should be calibrated to high quality settings. The following settings are what we prefer most:

* In the case of enlargements where the source material area is smaller than the end photo ceramic scan at 600 DPI or larger.

Be sure to check the scan file afterwards to ensure you have a quality copy of the photo.

If you are having issues with your scanner it could be that you need to upgrade to a photo scanner or have a technically focused team member take a gander.


Ordering can be done through our Photo Ceramic Ordering System. Remember to indicate the cropping and photo edits in the Photo Edits area of the order form.

That's everything! We hope this has been straight forward, let us know if you need any further help.

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