St. Charles Cemetery

Catholic Cemeteries of Brooklyn

Integrated choice marble shutters for elegant mixed stone and glass fronted niche walls.

To reach discerning cremation families niches are a key component of any new mausoleum project. Important in the process is to consider how to make the most of the experience for the families through treating procurement as more than an afterthought. While glass-fronted niches bring a very visual approach to memorialization for families, they come with some pragmatic considerations.

With that the average of adult American is 5' 7", the line of sight into a niche is limited at the most upper rows and bottom rows. When it is not easy to see, it won’t be easy to sell. Using marble fronts makes these rows more desirable while avoiding compromising valuable mausoleum space. On these stone fronts memorialization is possible through either sandblasting or bronze letters, and so the mixing marble with glass fronts can bring the most out of a niche installation.

The real stunning part of the St. Charles project though, is how the niches have been so thoroughly incorporated into the design of the building with the elegance of matching the marble finishes. To accomplish this it requires a concerted effort between design and build teams in bringing together an engineered product to fit with cut and polished marble resources.

What happens behind the scenes is a great deal of communication and project management between those involved to be able to bring forward a solution of high quality and functionality, and in that way a thousand niches installation was built through relationships.

It is the lasting partnerships and skilled capabilities of those who serve in bringing quality and integrity in the memorialization that makes this level of work possible.