Niche System

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The Niche System is based on modular construction, fully flexible in designs to fit your needs.

The Niche System is a modular box on box system. Niche boxes are powder painted and zinc coated steel units. With a double walled construction, the Niche System is a strong construction able to carry greater weights without the risk of sagging or faulting.

Change is easy with Biondan's modular system. You can plan your Niche Projects for incremental expansion, or reconfigure your units to fit your customer demand.

With glass shutters we offer an elegant lighting solution. The lighting uses modular LED lights that are rated with a MTBF of 50,000 hrs, and in the case of Bulb replacement, maintenance can be done easily without disruption to any but the affected unit.

The Niche system is offered with both Aluminium or Bronze fenestration, with options for a variety of shutters suitable to your artistic preferences.

Standard beveled glass, beveled Bronze, beveled Aluminum, Marble, Granite, and specialty Kosmolux™ shutters are all available.*

Offer more for the cremation customer with added service and attractive accessories .

Where you have already met capacity the Niche System allows you to vastly expand your capacity without compromising on your needs.

Open up your opportunity to service Cremation customer. With a flexibility in implementation, it is easy to start and incrementally expand your niche offering. Easily maintained and simple to deploy, once you have experienced the first installation you will find your in house team will be able to perform the installation of additional capacity as your demand grows.

Our Service Experience:

Biondan can assist you with costing consultations to help you with best practices to maximize your return on investment.

With matching Photo Ceramic Easels and Bud Vase we provide effective solutions for greater value.

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