Photo Ceramics

From Biondan

A photograph captures a moment,
we help make it last forever.

Photo Ceramics are the most direct representations of the deceased. It's important that portraits are made from quality images and with material integrity.

We understand as well how essential timely and reliable service is in delivering Photo Ceramics. Our production system is continuously reviewed to assure that your customers can receive their orders on time and with quality assured.

It can be difficult to locate the perfect picture, which is why we provides support doing photo touch-ups and edits with our team of photo editors, complementary with purchase.

Ordering Process

Ordering is simple, all you need is a high quality .JPG or image file and the specifications for your order. Get in touch with our customer service reps and we can walk you through the process.

We have reconstructed our online ordering systems, making it easy to upload digital copies of photo orders. We are happy to receive your orders as best to your convenience, and continue to accept orders by mail. As a precaution against any potential issues with postal handling we do recommend using our online services.

Added Value

Whether your order is for a mausoleum, gravestone or even within Glass Fronted Niches we have options for a selection of mounting solutions for adding to the experience.

We have a selection of bronze frames and easels that bring elegance and style to match.

A Photo Ceramic in our frame

Specifying you Order

Specifying Ceramic Requirements

  • Core Material: Ceramic or Steel
  • Shape: Oval, Rectangular, or Circular
  • Size: We provide all standard Photo Ceramic sizings
  • Hue and Tints: Color, Black and White, or Sepia
  • Treatment of the Border: Flush to edge, white bordering or premium gold leaf bordering is available

Specifying Photo Requirements:

  • Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical
  • Composition / Cropping: close up or medium framing
  • Touch-Ups: Specifying any work to be done on the image
  • Hue & Tints: — Color, Black and White, or Sepia
  • Backgrounds: Replacing the contents of the image background
  • Dressings: Replacing the clothing of the subject digitally
  • Quality Corrections
  • Or any Other Requests.

Alternatively, you can leave it to our artists and we will take care to do our best with the  Photo Ceramic — or — let us know that not changes are required and we will return the portrait as is in the original.

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