Safety Plaques

From Biondan

With Biondan Safety Plaques you can fulfill your customer’s needs while saving costs and avoiding risks.

Our Safety Plaque come treated with our proprietary protective coating. Formulated to withstand corrosive atmospheres and environments.

Biondan Safety Plaques offers great savings to your mausoleum projects. 

Capitalize the products' costs into the construction budget, reduce installation time, and mitigate the risk of a costly accident.

Some Benefits of the Safety Plaque System

Time Sensitive — Inscriptions can be completed at the time of entombment

Efficient Installation —
Safe and easy installation capable of being done by a single groundsman

Reduce Risks —
Add inscriptions without the need to remove Crypt or Niche shutters

Quality Assurance —
Reliable production consistency and uniform appearance

If there is ever a mistake on an inscription — the insert is easy to replaced, saving you from the potential risk and cost of inscription errors associated with sandblasting the crypt front.

Frame Profiles

Designed for standard Niche and Crypt Fronts

Standard Frames

Standard Frame Profiles are consistent for a consistent look throughout your applications.

Sizes available are as follows:

  • 10 by 8"
  • 10 by 10"
  • 16 by 8"
  • 24 by 10.5"
  • 28 by 16"
  • 40 by 16"

Accessory Frames

Up sell with Accessory Frames with space for vase, light and emblem opportunities.

Sizes available are as follows:

  • 8 by 6"*
  • 16 by 8"
  • 25 by 8"

* Does not contain space for Emblems as is smallest possible size.

Installation is Easy.

  • Predrill — Prepare your Crypt and Niche Fronts with our product specific pre-drilling guide
  • Install the Seat — Bolt the seating bracket system to the shutter front
  • Sandblast the Insert — inscribe your inserts with your local inscriber
  • Mount the Insert — Fasten the insert into the frames and mount on to the seat
  • Secure the Frame — Secure the frame into place with our security screws.

When a second inscription is required, groundskeepers can easily pull out the insert to take it to the inscriber.

When the inserts are prepared, just remove security screws and lower frame to attach the insert to the frame.

It's that easy.

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